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The Beauty of Feeling well

Since 1963, high-quality
stockings and tights


Elli creates Elly

Elly was founded in 1963 by Mr. Ubaldo Elli to manufacture specific and high-quality products: women’s stockings. Following the first of many right intuitions, Ubaldo decided to use his last name as his company and product brand – changing the final “i” into a “y”, and to personally superintend all the company activities, from production to the marketing of the finished products.

In 1969, the production of the first relaxing stockings was launched to be subsequently marketed under two registered brand names conceived by Mr. Elli: Carezza and Antistress. In 1978, the three company units were grouped together in a single site covering over 30.000 sqm and the company name was changed into C.R.E. Calzifici Riuniti Elli s.r.l.  This marked the start of business relationships with international markets.

In 1990, a new local unit of 13.000 sqm was opened, very close to the headquarters, to include the offices, the packaging division, the storehouse for finished products and the dispatch department.

In 2000, Elly brilliantly achieved the UNI EN ISO 9002 Company Quality Certification, successfully reconfirmed through the years until the most recent ISO 9001:2015 Certification.Today Elly, thanks to its cutting-edge circular knitting machines, has a production capacity of 5.000.000 pairs per year and it works from Italy worldwide, without foreign relocations: its chain of suppliers and artisans opens and closes within a radius of 20km, binding itself to the territory and the community that hosts it.

The company shares are now held by Mr. Elli’s children Serena, Carlo and Paolo who have different roles and functions within the company: general management, production and administration.

Our production

Our product range includes a wide variety of hosiery models for all occasions and needs. Beyond manufacturing a complete line of classic stockings, knee-highs and tights, Elly is specialized in the production of graduated compression hosiery.  All the products are manufactured with top quality yarns, able to keep their characteristics unchanged through the time.

Elly makes use of machines that grant the products a specific level of compression proportioned to the circumference of the leg. The production of relaxing and support stockings and tights requires a more sophisticated technology that enables to achieve different levels of tension of the yarn at different points of the leg, from the ankle to the thigh. This way, a specific degree of graduated compression is achieved to favour blood circulation and a beneficial massage is exercised to tired legs for the whole day.

The ISO 9001 quality management system, based on accurate controls during the different manufacturing steps, guarantees the quality of the production and the best assistance to meet the customers’ needs. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate ensures the respect of human-ecological requirements of Elly products. All the products with graduated compression are marked CE Medical Device Class I, and compression is certified by the HATRA test.

"The beauty of feeling well" for Elly is not only a motto: it is the summary of the choices that have been distinguishing  our vision and working methods for over 50 years. Thanks to these choices, the company has achieved a high level of specialization in the hosiery sector. Our goal is total quality, which is determined by: the research department, always attentive to a dynamic comparison with phlebologists; the search for excellent raw materials; continuous training of skilled labor; numerous scrupulous checks in the processing phases; and the creation of new products to meet the needs of well-being and to allow the development at the marketing level of the relationships between cosmetics, hosiery, healthcare and fashion.

private label

Elly, thanks to its experience, is able to collaborate with other companies of different channels and sectors in Private Label, for the study and manufacture of customized products. Through process planning, evaluation of the performance and aesthetic requirements requested by the customer, and guaranteeing the entire production cycle up to the finished product, Elly allows its partners to focus on commercial and marketing strategies. In addition to the technical-productive aspects, Elly follows the partner throughout the development process, guaranteeing specialized consultancy, in the belief that the future of every collaboration depends on its departure, and therefore on well-defined objectives, budgets and programming.

Our brands

The line for the operators of the underwear, knitwear and clothing sectors.


The line for the operators of the pharmaceutical, orthopedic and healthcare sectors.


The line specifically designed for diabetic or sensitive feet, which you can find in pharmacies, healthcare, orthopedics.




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