Elly - Woman stockings and tights
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produzione calze da donna
Elly - Woman stockings and tightsElly - Woman stockings and tightsElly - Woman stockings and tights The Elly production plant was first founded in spring 1963.
The production was high-quality women stockings: pantyhoses were not on fashion yet.
Founder is Mr. Ubaldo Elli, that immediately thinks about transforming his name into a company logo and a product name, changing the final letter “i” into “y”: the first of a long list of right intuitions.
In 1969 Elly starts producing the first relaxing support stockings that will then be marketed under the two company trademarks: Carezza and Antistress.
In 1978 the three units are gathered in a single plant of over 30.000 square meters. Even the company name is modified in C.R.E. Calzifici Riuniti Elli. This is the beginning of the opening towards Europe.
In 1990 a new local unit measuring 13.000 square meters is inaugurated at 50 Mt. from the seat, where sales department, packing, ready-made products warehouse and dispatch area are located.
In 2000 Elly obtains the UNI EN ISO9002; 1994 (ISO 9002;1994) quality certification and in 2003 it surpasses itself and also achieves the UNI EN ISO9001:2000 certification followed by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification. Today, thanks to its high-tech electronic circular machines, Elly has a capacity of 400.000 pairs per month.
Elly - Woman stockings and tights
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